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Most people assume that Market Wizards was my first book–it wasn’t. My first book was A Complete Guide to the Futures Market, which was published five years earlier (1984). With over thirty years elapsing since the publication of this book, aided by the superb assistance of Mark Etzkorn, in 2016, I undertook the task of writing a revised version. In January 2017, a fully revised edition of A Complete Guide to the Futures Market was published. There was, however, one problem: Since the book was over 700 pages long, someone at the publisher had decided to compensate by choosing paper that was commensurately thin. I never knew book paper could be so thin! The pages were absolutely translucent–maybe a reasonable choice of paper stock for tissues but certainly not a reference text. I hated the product, and, apparently, so did readers (the paper, not the book). To their credit, the publisher agreed with my suggestion of destroying the original production run and printing new copies. The process of recalling copies from all of Amazon’s dispersed distribution centers took time. In the interim, in what must certainly be a first for an author, I found myself in the unusual circumstance of posting comments on Amazon and Twitter cautioning readers NOT to buy my book.

Two months later, the reprinted copies (on excellent quality paper, I would add) are now available on Amazon. After scaring away readers with my posted comments, I wanted to refocus attention on this book. I thought one way of achieving this goal was by publishing a series of articles based on stand-alone extracts from the book. These articles will appear over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

Jack Schwager

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