Speaker Services

Jack Schwager is available for speech and workshop presentations. Fees depend on location and length of presentation. Further information is available by contacting Jack Schwager at jack@jackschwager.com or 646-481-1416.

Talks can be tailored to any desired length, although 45-60 minutes is usually optimal. Multiple talks can be combined with breaks as part of a half-day or full-day workshop. A sample of talk topics is provided below. The first three talks are the most popular and work well for both professional and layman audiences. Other topics are possible as well. Talks and workshops are designed to fit client needs.


1.    Common Denominators of the Market Wizards

This talk seeks to answer the question: What traits set apart those individuals who have achieved extraordinary success in the markets from everyone else? The talk is heavily anecdotal, based on the interviews conducted in the Market Wizards book series.

2.    Hedge Fund Market Wizard Lessons

 This talk is similar to Talk #1 with the essential difference being that if focuses specifically on the personalities and lessons of the traders profiled in Hedge Fund Market Wizards, the newest book in series (2012). It is very well suited for audiences that might contain a meaningful percentage of people who previously heard Talk #1.

3.     Market Wizards Workshop (Parts 1-3)

This 3-part workshop includes all the material in Talks 1 and 2 above in addition to the equivalent of a third talk with new material not contained in either Talks 1 and 2.

4.    Investment Fallacies Parts 1 and 2

These talks focus on a variety of investing misconceptions.

5.    A Practical Guide to Performance Measurement and Risk Management

 A focused talk intended for audiences with a specific interest in performance measurement and risk management. Best suited as the third session in a 3-part workshop including Investing Fallacies 1 and 2  rather than as single talk.

6.    Testing and Evaluating Trading Systems

 A focused talk intended for traders with interest in trading system testing design and evaluation. Best suited as a topic in a workshop presentation rather than as single talk.

7.    Understanding Hedge Funds

This talk would be good overview for an audience with little or no knowledge in hedge funds, but a desire to learn the basics about this investment class. Can be an individual talk or part of workshop.