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Dear Reader,

The books I have written can be broken down into four categories:

  • The Market Wizard Series—These books, which are based on interviews with exceptional traders, are by far my most widely read books, accessible to lay readers and relevant to both novice and professional traders. The four books in the series listed in chronological order of original publication date are:
  1. Market Wizards
  2. The New Market Wizards
  3. Stock Market Wizards
  4. Hedge Fund Market Wizards
  • The Little Book of Market Wizards–This book provides a concise summation of the key trading lessons garnered from the four Market Wizards books.  The Little Book of Market Wizards
  • A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets—A comprehensive and in-depth survey of the analysis and trading of futures markets, covering technical analysis, fundamental analysis, systems trading, performance measurement, spreads, options  and trading methodology. This book originally published in 1984 has been fully revised and updated in the second edition published in January 2017. A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets
  • Market Sense and Nonsense–This book offers a compendium of investment misconceptions and is intended to be both pertinent to investment professionals and accessible to lay readers. Market Sense and Nonsense

Which book should you read first?

  • The Market Wizard Series—The four books in this series can be read in any order. Even the oldest book in the series, Market Wizards (1989), remains entirely relevant today. The most logical choice for a first book is either the most recent book in the series, Hedge Fund Market Wizards (2012) or the aforementioned original Market Wizards.
  • The Little Book of Market Wizards–This short volume book can be read either as a review of key concepts by readers of the original Market Wizards books or as an introduction to the series by new readers.
  • A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets—This book is intended for readers interested in analytical techniques that can be applied to trading the futures markets. Although written to be be accessible to the serious layman, it contains material that would be of value to professional traders. More advanced material is contained in a lengthy Appendix section.
  • Market Sense and Nonsense–This book can be read before or after reading any of the Market Wizard books; it depends on the interests of the individual reader.

Thank you for your interest.

Jack Schwager


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